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White Shanty Venue

In the heart of downtown Provo, Utah sits White Shanty Venue. White Shanty Venue is rich in fascinating history and based around a modern farmhouse industrial vibe. We learned that it was built in the 1940s and was originally created to be a steel fabrication building where large diesel trucks drove in and out of the front doors. Following it's stint as a fabrication building, it spent time as a car dealership, a garage, and a welding shop. A few years ago the White Shanty's path was unknowingly forged when man purchased the space to use for his custom furniture shop called The White Shanty (which is where the space gets its name). It was around that time that a bride dropped by and asked him if she could rent the space for her wedding. He agreed, and ever since that time weddings have found a home at the White Shanty Venue.

Natalie is the owner and operator of White Shanty Venue and is so kind and welcoming. At the White Shanty Venue you can create the wedding of your dreams with as much or as little assistance as you would like. The furniture is included and there are designers on staff to help you, or if you want to be a do-it-yourself bride you are welcome to do that as well.

White Shanty Venue

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Venue HIghlights!

See photos of the ceremony and reception floor and features at the White Shanty Venue.

Exterior and Building at White Shanty Venue

The exterior of White Shanty Venue is especially pretty in the summer months when trees are in full bloom. The large, unique, and oversized sliding barn doors make for a perfect backdrop for wedding day portraits and they also open up to allow food trucks to come inside and park, or just have easy open access to them outside during your reception! It also allows the ability to transform your wedding day into an indoor/outdoor event.

Getting Ready Rooms

White Shanty Venue has two different spaces available for getting ready before your wedding day, or just doing touch ups before your reception. The traditional groom's room is just outside of the main building and is a cozy hideaway. The bride's room is just off the main office inside of the main building and is a perfect location for any kind of adjustments you need to make throughout the day.

The Main Event Space

The owner of the furniture shop that was in White Shanty before it became a wedding venue, created all of the unique tables and chairs that are included when you reserve White Shanty Venue for your wedding day. Hanging Edison style light bulbs decorate the ceilings and each of the white beams offers so many opportunities for different floral arrangements. Another big bonus at White Shanty Venue is the unlimited natural light that flows into the building and lights the room thanks to the white walls. It makes for beautiful lighting for your wedding day!


What hours are available to reserve at White Shanty Venue on a wedding day?

There are two hourly options available depending on your needs. The venue can be reserved for six continuous hours, or for a better value you can book 12 hours on the wedding day.

What kind of decor or rentals come included with booking?

Rentals include a variety of handmade tables, a 40" TV, speaker and microphone, an octagon backdrop, three bookcases, enough seating for 100 guests, pendant and bistro lights, and a variety of plants.

Does the time required for setup and take down of decorations fall into the time slot we reserve for our wedding day?

Yes, you should account for that time when deciding the hours you would like to reserve for your wedding day to make sure that you will have the time you need.

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