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Shout-Out Saturday with Utah Wedding Florist | Dancing Daisies Floral

Shout-Out Saturday | Utah Wedding Vendors

Today we’re going to introduce Betsy from Dancing Daisies Floral. Dancing Daisies is a Utah wedding florist based out of Farmington, Utah, and she is incredible at what she does! We are constantly amazed by all of the detail and care she puts into her work, seriously, see for yourself down below! A huge thank you to Talia Event Center for allowing us to use their space!

Grand, tall, intricate, detailed, or simple, wedding flowers come in all shapes and styles. One of the most underused things when it comes to wedding planning can be florals. Flowers can make all the difference in decorating for your wedding and in making your special day more true to you and your story. There’s nothing better than being swept away by the sight and smell of fresh florals!


1. What’s the story behind Dancing Daisies Floral? How did you get into the business? How long have you been in business?

The idea for Dancing Daisies Floral began when my son was in high school and had forgotten to order dance flowers for his date! Not to worry! One of my first jobs as a high schooler in Upstate New York, was working for a local florist, so I knew how to make corsages! Techniques and styles had obviously changed, so I watched a few YouTube videos to get me up to date, and then visited a local florist and craft store for supplies! After that, my son’s friends also began ordering their dance flowers from me!

In the summer of 2014, a dear friend asked if I would design her wedding flowers! I then got my Utah business license so I could buy flowers wholesale. After that, I began attending Utah floral design workshops locally in the Salt Lake City area, and also national workshops around the country in order to further my education.

Blending my original career as an educator with flowers, I now offer 1:1 instruction for “wearable” floral designs, and I was invited to be an instructor at the Design Sanctuary Workshop outside Dallas last November. In just 4 ½ years, Dancing Daisies Floral has grown into a successful small business with many happy wedding, dance flower, holiday, and event clients. I am grateful for these customers every day!

Corsage and flower crown | Dancing Daisies Floral | Jessie and Dallin Photography

2. What about working with brides and grooms, and being a Utah wedding florist, do you enjoy the most?

I love a bride (and groom!) who aren’t afraid of color, or to think “outside the box,” so to speak! When a bride trusts my creativity, and gives me artistic freedom, that’s the best! Of course, I follow her vision and ideas, yet I can design in fun and different ways!

Each wedding is custom to that particular couple, and I love it when a couple will incorporate or include unique pieces in their order. Some wedding favorite items include a “Ring Bearer” Floral Dog Collar, and Floral Earrings for all of the Bridesmaids! I’m especially excited to meet the future bride who desires my specialty “wearable” floral pieces; such as a bold floral necklace or shoulder wrap design!

Floral wrap necklace | Dancing Daisies Floral | Jessie and Dallin PhotographyBetsy from Dancing Daisies Utah Wedding Florist | Dancing Daisies Floral | Jessie and Dallin Photography Pink, white, and burgundy bouquet | Dancing Daisies Floral | Jessie and Dallin Photography

3. What is the process like when you book a bride for their wedding day?

Usually when a bride reaches out to me, she answers a questionnaire that tells me her color scheme, her style or theme, and her favorite flowers, along with the quantities she needs. From there, we do a phone consultation. If she feels we’re a good fit at the end of that call, I will then put together a detailed visual presentation and a draft cost proposal. Next, we meet in person in my studio to view both the presentation, and the proposal. I offer suggestions as to flower varieties based on the questionnaire answers, and we discuss budget and item options.

As a Utah wedding florist, I always try to educate my clients on the value, quality (and cost!) of different flower varieties, with a floral focus in three main areas; the bouquet, a statement piece (such as an arch, a floral wall, or an entrance arrangement) and flowers for the wedding cake! Together, we make the needed revisions to the cost proposal, and sign the Agreement Contract. At that time, I also collect a Date Reservation Deposit, and we proceed with plans for the bride’s dream wedding! It’s a super fun process, and one that I really enjoy!

Wedding table centerpiece with shades of white and pink | Dancing Daisies Floral | Jessie and Dallin Photography Florist adjusting and cutting flowers | Dancing Daisies Floral | Jessie and Dallin Photography

4. What are the biggest advantages to hiring a professional florist for your wedding, formal, or bridal session?

The biggest advantage to hiring a knowledgeable, professional floral person is that the client will be pleased with the final outcome at her wedding!  A floral industry professional has educated themselves in current floral trends, proper selection and care of the chosen flowers, and has also learned the elements of artistic floral design. They have invested their own money and time to better themselves and their business for the benefit of their clients! When using an educated floral designer for wedding flowers, a client will be happy and satisfied. They will feel at ease; comfortable with all decisions, knowing that their flowers will have a cohesive design flow, and the chosen flowers will match the overall theme and colors of the wedding.

Bridal portrait/formal sessions are popular with many brides!  Our mothers and grandmothers did “studio portraits” back in the day, (without the groom!) and now it is more common to schedule a “first look” session for many couples. Yes, admittedly, it does add an extra cost to the overall floral budget, with two bridal bouquets, and two groom boutonnières, but when you consider that these professional photos will be the ones hung in your home for many years to come, I feel that florals for formal or bridal sessions are a worthwhile investment!

Florist surrounded by flowers | Dancing Daisies Floral | Jessie and Dallin PhotographySetting up a wedding arch | Dancing Daisies Floral | Jessie and Dallin Photography

5. Most weddings have bouquets and boutonnières, but what are some other types of decorations that brides and grooms should consider and why?

Fresh flowers always add that special touch to the wedding decor and theme. Personal flowers for the bridal party and family recognize people who are important to the bride and groom. Your guests are important too, and they deserve flowers as well! Again, I advise my clients to have a few focal floral pieces that will be memorable to their guests.

Whether it is a larger piece like a floral arch or fresh flower wall (great for a photo backdrop!) it should be something that your guests will be excited about, and that they’ll remember! A clear plexiglass, or wooden welcome sign with flowers is a nice touch (and can also be hung in a home afterwards). Table centerpieces can also add a special touch to your wedding reception decor.

I’ve seen brides incorporate their personal style in fun ways; everything from using family member’s silver teapots as gorgeous centerpiece containers, to including the bride’s Great Grandmother’s beautiful collection of tea cups with darling little floral arrangement inside them!  A bride can consider many creative options and choose to include family pieces, which make the decor even more memorable and personal!

Many brides also often choose to honor a family member who has passed away, either with an arrangement, a framed photo with flowers attached to the frame, or even with a single, ribbon tied rose stem. Lastly though, a bride may decide to include flowers on her wedding cake! Whether the flowers are placed directly on the cake, or used to add color around the cake and dessert table, flowers always improve an already beautiful cake design! To see how Betsy adds flowers to a cake, check out this Utah summer outdoor wedding!


Choosing your flowers for your wedding is such a fun and personal part of the planning process and Betsy from Dancing Daisies makes it so easy! We love recommending Betsy to our brides and grooms when they are on the search for a Utah wedding florist. If you haven’t checked out her website and social media yet, here are the places you’ll want to go to follow her!

Dancing Daisies links: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest


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