Why You Want to Do a Formal Session or Adventure Session

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Why You Want to Do a Formal Session or Adventure Session

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You’re getting married at an incredible venue and you cannot wait to take portraits there with your hunnie on the day of your wedding! But there is something in you that craves for an adventure. You’ve seen photos of couples in their wedding attire at incredible locations like the arches in Moab, or the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, and you wish that you could have something like that for yourself. We have good news for you! What if we tell you that you can easily have that AND have images on your wedding day? Here are the top reasons why you want to do a formal session or adventure session!

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Adventure is out there!

If you’ve always dreamed of taking couples photos in an epic location like the red rocks in Zion, the clean and crisp backdrop of the Salt Flats, or the mountains and wildflowers of the Tetons, we can make that happen! An Adventure Formal Session is something that we offer to our couples so that they can choose a location that is separate from their venue and on a different day than their wedding day to take portraits. We would love to go on an adventure with you both to create the portraits that you’ve been dreaming of.

Bride and Groom laughing at Tibble Fork | Why You Want to Do a Formal Session | Jessie and Dallin Photography

A Different Day

Planning out a wedding day timeline is a balancing act. You want to make sure you get portrait time with just the two of you fit into your day and at the same time you want to make sure you have plenty of time to socialize and hangout with your guests so that you can enjoy your day to the fullest extent! Doing a formal session would allow you to have a short 30 minute wedding day portrait session (unless you want more, we never say no to extra portraits!) and extra time with your family and friends and you can dance your hearts out!

If you choose to do a formal session, you would have already had a first look together and that means less nerves going into your wedding day, especially for your groom. Although you wouldn’t have a first look on your wedding day, it doesn’t mean the first time he sees you walking down the aisle will be any less special or emotional. In our experience, first looks never take away from that moment, but only add to it.

Bride and Groom above city and mountains at sunset | Why You Want to Do a Formal Session | Jessie and Dallin Photography

Before or After Your Wedding Day

Many couples opt to do a formal session a few weeks or even a month or two prior to their actual wedding day and they experience their “first look” at their formal session. You really can’t go wrong with this option and it allows us to plan around the seasons to find the best time for the location you choose. Other couples will opt to do a formal session the day after or a few days after their wedding day. When couples have a formal session after their wedding day, they can still have the traditional wedding day experience and first look at their venue, while experiencing an epic adventure session in the location of their dreams after they are married!

One of the biggest reasons why you want to do a formal session before or after your wedding day is to have portraits in your wedding attire in an incredible outdoor location, or to go on an adventure together! We recommend this especially if you are getting married at a venue that doesn’t offer the outdoor space you are dreaming of for your portraits. There’s no reason to miss out on having the portraits that you are dreaming of AND the venue that you love!

We’d love to hear what you are dreaming up for your day! Tell us about it here!


Bride and Groom at Snowbasin in the wildflowers | Why You Want to Do a Formal Session | Jessie and Dallin Photography Bride and Groom running in the mountains | Why You Want to Do a Formal Session | Jessie and Dallin Photography

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