Fun Friday - 5 Funny Facts About Us | Utah Husband and Wife Photography Team | Jessie and Dallin

Fun Friday – 5 Funny Facts About Us | Utah Husband and Wife Photography Team

September 21, 2018

Goofy husband and wife photography team | Utah wedding photographers | Jessie and Dallin Photography


Out of the two of us, Dallin is definitely the funniest even though he’d probably say it was Jessie. We are a husband and wife photography team full of quirks and we aren’t afraid to share most of them! Today for our Fun Friday post we thought we’d have a good laugh at ourselves and share some funny facts about us.


1. We Met on a Blind Date

We aren’t making this up. It’s true, we are one of the rare cases where a blind date actually worked out in our favor! While we were going to school at Utah State we met via a mutual friend. To make the story even more interesting the mutual friend that set us up was someone that Dallin had previously had a crush on for years! Our mutual friend had classes with Jessie because they shared the same major, and had gone to junior high and high school with Dallin. There was even a time before we met that Dallin indirectly helped Jessie finish an assignment for her climate change class without her even knowing who he was. Our mutual friend, who set us up on the blind date, was in the same class as Jessie and went to Dallin for help completing the assignment, because you know, math and science and Dallin is an engineer. It’s hard stuff for some creative minds!  So without Jessie knowing it, Dallin helped her to pass one of her required college classes!


2. Dallin Cooks, Jessie Plays Video Games

We always joke that we are one of the couples breaking down the stereotypical husband and wife roles. What’s funny is that it is totally unintentional. Both of us like playing video games, but Jessie uses it as her destresser after a hard day of work! Assassins Creed or Kingdom Hearts are her games of choice.

Dallin likes cooking, is really good at it, and Jessie is terrible! Years ago when Jessie was in high school she burned Easy Mac in the microwave and ever since that day has been banished from the kitchen. She can make a mean macaroni and cheese now (anyone else love Annie’s White Cheddar Mac?) One time when we were first married, Dallin was making an amazing Chinese food recipe that called for orange zest. Dallin spent a good amount of time grating the orange peel to get the zest and then left it in a bowl on the counter. Jessie has a habit of cleaning up messes as she makes them and so naturally when she saw the orange shreds in a bowl she thought that they were a leftover mess that Dallin hadn’t cleaned up yet. She casually tossed them down the sink. Ever since that anxiety induced orange zest incident, Dallin makes her stay out of the kitchen when he is cooking!


3. We have Become Addicted to Period TV Dramas

It all started with Victoria on PBS, and after we got hooked and caught up with that series, we had to feed our addiction! From there we jumped onto Downton Abbey, a few years after the craze, but just in time for the new movie! Plus, who wouldn’t rather binge each season all at once rather than wait for new seasons to air? We don’t know if it is the history, music, story, or fancy British accents that we love more in each of these shows. A week ago we started watching Poldark, and we love it! If you know of any more period dramas, please comment and let us know!


4. The Simba Watches

As a husband and wife, and especially a husband and wife photography team, you need to have some common interests. Both of us grew up loving Disney’s Lion King, just like any other self-respecting 90’s kid. It’s the best Disney movie ever made, right? When we were engaged and getting pictures together for our reception slide show, we found a picture of Dallin wearing his favorite watch. It was blue and with lime green Simba paws on the band, and a picture of Simba on the face. Jessie recognized it instantly, because she had the exact same watch growing up. It was THE coolest watch and both of us wore it until it died. Jessie is a bit of a hoarder, so she probably still has it in a box somewhere!


5. Our Massive Movie Collection

We absolutely love movies. In fact, it was one of the biggest things we had in common when we were dating. While in college, Jessie started her own movie collection and it has since grown by leaps and bounds. Disney movies are one of our favorite things to collect and we started buying those before Liam was born. Our weakness is Black Friday. Every Black Friday, we don’t go out and buy big items like TVs or furniture. Instead, we buy blu-rays. We may or may not still have a few that are still unwatched sitting on our shelves…


Well there it is, some of the funniest facts about us. Now you know a little bit more about us, the two people behind this husband and wife photography team. Hopefully you had a good laugh at our expense! We’d love to hear some funny facts about you, what period drama we need to watch next, or if you agree with us that Lion King is the greatest Disney movie ever made. Let us know on our Facebook page!

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