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What Should You Do With Your Engagement Pictures

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Engagements are one of our favorite sessions to photograph. We love getting to know our couples during a fun, low-key session before the wedding. Wedding days are fast paced, so knowing how we pose and interact with you makes wedding day run faster and smoother. Not only will you end up with genuine moments of the two of you captured, but it also gives you a chance to get to know how to look great and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Once an engagement session is finished and the images are delivered, the big question is what should you do with your engagement pictures?


Engagement Albums

One of our very favorite things is to help our couples design engagement session albums. Engagement photos have the same power that wedding photos do to strengthen your relationship if they are actually used. More often than not, the photos that don’t make it up on the walls of your home will end up living on the cloud or on a hard drive somewhere rarely to ever be seen again. Engagement Albums are a smaller version of our classic Wedding Albums, and they become a perfect companion to each other!

What Should You Do With Your Engagement Pictures | Engagement Session Album What Should You Do With Your Engagement Pictures | Engagement Session Album

Announcements and Save the Dates

Using your engagements for your announcements and save the dates is a very common thing to do with your engagement pictures. Announcement designers can create designs for you that use your photos. We’ve also seen couples opt for simpler letterpress designs for their announcements and save the dates. If you choose to go this route, you could send a print of one of your favorite engagement photos along with your announcements and save the dates.


Books

Sign-in books are different than Engagement Albums because they are used for your guests to sign and write in on your wedding day. The paper is built for adding signatures and the pages lay flat to allow guests the space to write. These are a great way to easily store and access messages from your guests after your wedding day!

What Should You Do With Your Engagement Pictures | Wedding Sign in Book

For Your Home

It’s not just wedding photos that can be hung up in your home to serve as “disruptors” in your daily life. A “disruptor” if you remember is a photo that is hung on your wall that stops you in your tracks each day and reminds you of how you felt when the photo was taken. We love hanging engagement photos up as single framed canvases, mounted, or in frame sets. We have a bunch of our engagement photos framed and mounted hanging up in our bedroom!

What Should You Do With Your Engagement Pictures | Engagement Session Wall Art in Frames

For Your Parents and Grandparents

If your families are like our families are, they have a place in their home that they hang up photos of their kids and their grandkids. Your engagement pictures will be perfect for this! Wedding images don’t have the same day to day, authentic vibe that engagement photos do. If they don’t have a spot in their house, we’re sure they would still love a picture of the two of you!


Whatever you decide to do with your engagement pictures, we hope that you put them to good use and hang some of them on your walls! The more the merrier in our opinion! There’s nothing better than knowing that your clients are printing their images and cherishing them on a day to day basis for generations to come!


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