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Shout-Out Saturday with The Shabby Chic Sisters | Utah Wedding Rentals

We first met Valerie from The Shabby Chic Sisters a year ago when we were looking for a Utah wedding rentals vendor for our Carnival Inspiration Shoot. We knew she was perfect because she had exactly what we were looking for in rentals, and because she puts her heart into her business and into serving her clients.

We first met Valerie from The Shabby Chic Sisters a year ago when we were looking for a Utah wedding rentals vendor for our Carnival Inspiration Shoot. From our first meeting, we knew that Valerie was exactly the kind of person we were looking for. This wasn’t only because she had exactly what we were looking for in rentals, but because she puts her heart into her business and into serving her clients. When Valerie says that The Shabby Chic Sisters is a family business, she means it. Her husband Mike has put countless hours into building a lot of the incredible furniture that they rent out. That’s not something that you run into very often! If you are looking for any Utah wedding rentals, we wholeheartedly recommend The Shabby Chic Sisters!

What’s the story behind The Shabby Chic Sisters?

After our first daughter got married we had some friends in the area that wanted to rent some of our items for their daughter’s wedding. We didn’t have very much to rent and as I was talking to my mom, she offered me my grandfather’s furniture from Iowa to rent out. I grew up in the country in Iowa with five sisters and they were so excited for me to start this new adventure that they not only wanted me to use all of my grandpa’s furniture, but when I drove out to Iowa they filled my trailer with old family heirlooms that they had in their own homes. That’s where the name The Shabby Chic Sisters comes from! My sisters have supported me since the beginning!


What do you enjoy most about your job? Have you always wanted to work in the wedding industry?

Although I’ve enjoyed working in the wedding industry these last few years, it was not even a thought before our friends asked to rent our furniture!

I love meeting with our clients and watching their faces light up with excitement as I show them what we have to offer. This is their big day and such an important part of their planning. When my clients are happy, I am happy!


If you were to tell a bride and groom what it is that sets your Utah wedding rental business apart, what would you tell them?

I would say that we have a unique selection of furniture and items. We strive to offer what brides are looking for. Even though we’re a smaller company, we’ve been told many times by brides that we have just what they’re looking for and that they love the one-on-one experience that they get working with us.


What kind of rentals do you offer for weddings?

We have beautiful vintage couches, chairs, buffet tables, antique hutches and other pieces of unique furniture. We also have incredible farmhouse tables for rent that not many people are aware of! They are always so excited when they find out. Farmhouse tables are such a cute trend this year. Another favorite is our 12 foot dessert wall that we have available to rent! It has several fun shelves that can hold many desserts, etc. We also offer tons of small accessories like chalkboards, wood signs, easels, lanterns, rustic decor, drink stands and dispensers, vintage suitcases, outdoor lights, crates, throw pillows, greenery, and more!


What are the biggest advantages to booking and hiring a wedding rental company for your wedding?

The biggest advantage is that it’s less expensive to rent something versus buying it. Especially just to use it once! We believe that you should look at all of your resources first when you’re planning your wedding. If someone has something for you to borrow, then use that! We offer many of the items you’re looking for, but don’t want to buy. Another great advantage is having us deliver and pick up your rentals so that you have less stress on your big day!


How does everything that a bride and groom rent get from storage to an actual wedding? What’s that process like for you?

I call it packing day! This is one of my favorite parts of our delivery system. I look at the order form and pack the smaller items in big totes and then label the lid with what’s inside the tote so it’s all organized and ready to go. We load all of the heavy furniture in the trailer and strap everything down so it’s nice and secure and then we put in the totes of all of the small items. Between my husband, my 19 yr. old daughter and 17 yr. old son, we get everything done and ready to go. It’s truly a family business! When it’s time to pick up, it’s all hands on deck so that we can get in and out in a timely manner and move on to the next pick up! It can be crazy and busy, but we love it!


Is there anything that you wish brides and grooms would know about deciding whether or not to use rentals for their weddings?

I feel like there is such an advantage to renting items for a wedding and having a delivery and pick-up is worth it! Wedding days are so busy and special for brides and grooms, which is why we offer low rental prices and low delivery fees because we know that weddings can be expensive! We want to offer our brides beautiful decor and the convenience of delivery, while not breaking the bank!


The Shabby Chic Sisters is a family owned and operated Utah wedding rental business based out of South Jordan, Utah and they serve clients all across northern Utah. We’ve loved getting to know Valerie and her family and enjoy working with them every chance we get! Check them out and see if they have what you need for your wedding or upcoming event!



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