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Our Family Pictures 2018 | Layton Family Photography

July 19, 2018

During late spring/early summer, as the days pass by you’ll find photographers stalking their favorite locations, watching for blossoms popping, green leaves, and grass! That’s exactly what we were doing at one of our favorite locations for Layton photography sessions.  As soon as everything looked green and lush we decided it was finally time to get our family pictures done!

We’ve been so busy this summer that we haven’t had a chance yet to share our family pictures from our first real family photo session since having Liam. Brooke Major has been helping us out at a lot of weddings this past year, and we were so excited when she said that she would be able to come down from Logan to help us take our family pictures! It can be so hard when you are a photographer to find the right person to take your family pictures, but we are so glad we hired Brooke!

Liam had such a great time showing off the dinosaurs on his shirt and exploring the area. So much fun in fact, that when it came time to do pictures, he wasn’t as interested in them as he was in the dirt and rocks (aka “dinosaur bones”)! It was such a good experience for us to understand what our clients experience first-hand when taking family pictures with a toddler. We definitely were able to put into practice all of the techniques and tips that we preach about in our family session style guide. Thankfully, fruit snacks, animal crackers, and a few games worked like a charm and we got some great pictures that we have printed hanging throughout our house!

Huge thank you to Brooke for her help, for being the animal cracker keeper, and for being such a good “fake sneezer”! We can’t wait for future family picture sessions!


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