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How Did We Get Our Start? | Utah Wedding Photographers

March 11, 2018

How did we become Utah wedding photographers? It all started with one simple email…

It was 2011 and Jessie sat at her computer, multi-tasking as best she could and working to finish up a paper for her college Civil War history class and finalizing details for our wedding reception. We were just one WEEK away from our wedding day! Taking a break from planning and writing, she logged into her email account. There was a new email waiting to be opened from our wedding photographer. She clicked it open, expecting a quick check-in email to finalize the plans for the day. She read and re-read the email at least three times. There was no mistaking it, the message had nothing to do with our wedding day but was instead about a job offer. The email stated that our wedding photographer was looking for someone to join his team as a second shooter and that he could teach Jessie the technical side of the camera, but he wanted to hire her because her personality was perfect for the job!

We couldn’t believe the opportunity! This was a dream and as starving college students extra income was always a blessing! The only catch was that we weren’t sure how he had seen any of Jessie’s pictures that she had taken with her little Sony “point and shoot” camera… maybe he’d seen some pictures on Facebook? Jessie emailed him back and eagerly waited an entire day for his response… was this too good to be true, or just great luck?

We rushed to open the new email the moment it came! After reading the first line… our hearts sank… our photographer had emailed the wrong “Jessie”!! Curse the popularity of the name Jessica in our generation! The email didn’t end there though, so we kept reading. He also stated that maybe this was a blessing in disguise, and that Jessie should send him some of her photos that she takes over the next while. He would think about hiring her on if her work was good enough! Awww, so there was a chance!

Over the next year, Jessie took pictures of details around her every chance she got. She also was given the incredible opportunity to take family photos for a friend, meaning we could invest in her very first DSLR camera to shoot her first wedding. A year after the original email our wedding photographer hired her to second shoot with him.

Here’s a big shout out and THANK YOU to Eric, our wedding photographer, for giving Jessie the chance, and for helping our dreams become a reality! Without your help we probably wouldn’t be photographers today!

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