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Fun Friday: Our Little Slugger – Introducing Liam to Sports

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We had just left our seats to walk around the concourse and stretch our legs last summer at a Bee’s game we attended. It was the top of the fourth inning and the two of us were ready to take a break from the action. When we were a few steps around the concourse we heard a desperate “watch baseball?!” from Liam as he pointed out at the field. We asked him if he wanted us to return to our seats, and he answered with a resounding, “yes!!” Throughout the entire nine innings, and way past his bedtime, Liam stood in front of our seats and watched the entirety of the game. This wasn’t surprising to us, since he’s been this way at every Bee’s game we’ve been to since his first one when he was only two where he attentively watched the game along the first base line. There has never been a more dedicated fan!


Learning How to Play!

Liam loves watching the A’s and Red Sox on TV, but going to actual Bee’s games is his favorite thing to do. At least once a week he pulls out his foam bat and ball to have us pitch balls to him in our living room. After a month or so of practicing swinging at the pitches, gradually (or grudgingly) listening more and more to our advice on where he should place his feet and hands, he got the hang of it! He must have the highest home run hitting percentage of any three year old in the state of Utah! When it came time for Halloween this year there was no doubt of what he wanted to be – a baseball player! It was so fun to get him a little A’s jersey, hat, and baseball pants and let him ham it up for the camera!


Hockey and Basketball

Once we knew that Liam was so into baseball, it was time to try taking him to a few other sporting events to test and see if he would watch them without being distracted. We went with Dallin’s aunt Suzanne and her friends to a Vegas Knights hockey game last fall and his reaction was the same as it was during previous Bee’s games. His focus blew everyone away. He watched the entire game without complaint!

Since we had tried baseball and hockey, it was now time to introduce him to our favorite team – the Utah Jazz. We held off on taking him to a game until this past year just to make sure he was ready for the noise, and mature enough to enjoy the game. Turns out we had no need to worry, he LOVED every minute! He loved watching Spida-Mitchell, and Gobert! He brought a stuffed Jazz Bear home with him and promptly gave him the name “Go-Bear”! The truth is, that Liam has loved the Jazz since BEFORE he was born! The first time Jessie felt him kick was when we were at a Jazz game! Anytime we watched a Jazz game up until Liam was born, when the score was somewhat close during the 4th quarter, Liam would be rooting for the Jazz with his kicks.


Sharing Our Love of Sports

We love that we get to share our love of sports with Liam and that he has fully embraced it. After Liam was born the two of us took a hiatus from attending Jazz games because it was just too hard to deal with taking a baby to the games. We were unsure for the longest time how long it would be until we were able to go back, but Liam has answered the call! We’re convinced that he’s going to be an athlete as he grows up, Jessie’s money is on him being a baseball player, but what do you think?


Jessie and Dallin at a Bee's game

Look at that teeny-tiny Liam face!!

Jessie and Dallin at a Bee's game Jessie and Dallin at a Bee's game

After every game this is what we see in the car on the way home!

Jessie and Dallin Baseball

That picture of him standing holding the ball is him getting ready to pitch. It’s the focus face! 🙂

Jessie and Dallin Baseball Jessie and Dallin at a Bee's game

Look at the difference a year and having your grandma there can make! Lol.

Jessie and Dallin at a Golden Knights Game Jessie and Dallin at a Jazz game

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