Bountiful Temple and The Grand Ballroom | Utah Wedding Photographers

Bountiful Temple and The Grand Ballroom | Utah Wedding Photographers

January 25, 2018

Snow. You know, that white stuff that is super wet and cold?  Yeah… we’re usually not fans of the stuff.  But this day, it was somehow magical at the Bountiful Temple and The Grand Ballroom.  Almost like from a movie, or better yet, a book.  Richard and Cristal’s wedding this day made us think and feel like we were in Narnia while the White Witch ruled (but, happier of course!), or even the Charles Dicken’s story of a Christmas Carol.  The way the snow fell on Richard’s top hat and his cane (which, yes, indeed had a hidden sword!), or Cristal’s classic white dress was picturesque.  Nothing else could be more fitting either, because Richard and Cristal LOVE books.  Each table was fit with a book surrounded with heart-shaped cutouts of pages from books.  A note in a notebook was also used by Richard to propose!

This was our second shoot with the Cutler family (Click here for Andrea and Nathaniel’s wedding), and even though this was the first wedding we’ve been with the Burgoyne’s, both families made us feel like we were part of their celebration.  Family was a big theme during this wedding. Richard’s sister Christa did an amazing job on the cake, flowers, and décor.  Cristal’s dress was made by family members Samantha and Katherine Kimball who own House of Glas.  Richard’s family heirloom wedding ring was used to purpose and wed them.  Richard’s sister also set up Cristal and Richard on a blind date (YAY for blind dates).

Even though the pictures turned out so beautiful in the snow, we knew that for everyone to remain happy (and dry) we needed to do most of the pictures inside their reception venue at The Grand Ballroom in Bountiful.  This place is gorgeous!  Everything from the chandeliers to the warm glowing light and the hot chocolate bar helped warm everyone up after being out in the cold, and made every guest feel welcome.

Richard and Cristal, thank you for letting us take your pictures on this snowy and beautiful day!  We know that you will continue to cherish each other and to continue a legacy of love and family that has brought you together.  Congratulations on your marriage!



candid guest picture at lds wedding | Jessie and Dallin Photographycandid guest picture at lds wedding | Jessie and Dallin Photography

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