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5 Things All Brides Should Bring to their Getting Ready Room

August 7, 2018

Details, details, details! The few hours before a bride sees her groom for the first time is full of excitement, anticipation, nerves and a focus on the details of the day. Before we take pictures of the bride and bridesmaids or groom and groomsmen we spend 45 minutes shooting wedding details. These pictures are a ton of fun to capture, and will be cherished for years to come. It’s the fine points of the day that bring a story to life. Because of that, here are 5 things all brides should bring to their getting ready room.


Dress and Shoes

When a person thinks of a wedding, one of the first things that comes to mind is the wedding dress. Wouldn’t it be awesome to remember what your wedding dress looked like before you put it on for the day? We love getting a shot of the dress hanging up on its own or surrounded by the bridesmaid’s dresses!

Whenever we think about our grandma’s weddings, one of the things we wish we had picture of are their wedding shoes. Shoes really show the trends of the time period and a lot about the personality of the person wearing them. We love to get detail shots of the shoes by themselves and incorporated with other details.

Wedding dress hanging from wooden staircase

Both Wedding Rings

Nothing screams wedding details like rings do! We love capturing the infinite details of rings, especially engagement rings. Every ring shot is different and so much fun to create! Sometime we’ll take shots of the rings on wedding invitation suites, in ring boxes, or in the environment.

If you’re looking for some unique rings, check out our post about Staghead Designs based locally out of Ogden, Utah. They create awesome custom or pre-designed men’s rings and women’s rings.

Purple, grey and rose gold ring shot | Talia Event Center Staghead Designs women's and men's wedding rings | Rose gold and dark metal

Veil/Hair Pieces and Jewelry

If you’ve got it, bring it! We love veils. They aren’t only awesome for portraits, but can be used for detail shots as well. In portraits they add extra layers and depth to images, and make great foregrounds and backgrounds in detail shots. Along with veils, we encourage brides to bring all their hair pieces and their jewelry along. Sometimes those small details aren’t obvious in portraits, so it’s great when we can give them their chance in the spotlight before the wedding! That’s one of the biggest reasons we included this in our list of 5 things all brides should bring to their getting ready room.

Getting Ready bridal jewelry and Staghead women's ring

Florals and Extra Pieces

We know that brides and grooms spend a lot of effort and money on their florals. Bouquets and boutonnières are a labor of love for florists and we like to feature them as much as possible. They are definitely one of the things brides should bring to their getting ready room. The possibilities with using them in pictures are endless.  We’d also recommend talking to your florist before your wedding to see if they have any extra or leftover pieces that you can bring with you to your getting ready room. If they are dropping your florals off, you could ask them if they can bring them along with them. We love using the leftover pieces as a part of our detail shots, especially for photographing the invitation suite. Another bonus to include are ribbons or small simple pieces of fabric that could be included in these shots.

White and green wedding bouquet being held in bride's lapCustom navy, white, and gold elegant wedding invitation suite

Invitation Suite

The invitation suite is one of the most important items to bring to your getting ready room. Bring along two copies of each of your pieces of stationery and two envelopes. If a bride is using a special stamp on their envelope, bring a few of those along too. Years from now, it’s all of the little things that help couples and their families to remember and visualize the story of the wedding day. This is the time and place for us to photograph and memorialize anything that would fit into the category of borrowed and blue as well.

Custom navy, white, and gold elegant wedding invitation suite with close up of wax seal

We absolutely love the beginning of the wedding day and love to start it off with detail shots. Styling all of the details gets our creative juices flowing and we have a total blast doing it! When you are planning for your wedding, be sure to add these 5 things all brides should bring to their getting ready room to your list!


Shout out to these vendors products!

Venue: Talia Event Center

Rings: Staghead Designs

Invitation Suite: Rose Blossom Prints

Florals: Botanical Eden

Dress: Boda Bridal

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