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3 Essential Engagement Session Tips that you Haven’t Heard Yet

January 8, 2019

There is a reason that we include engagement sessions as a complimentary part of all our wedding packages… we love photographing them! For us as your photographers, it is a blast to hang out in a relaxed and fun environment before your wedding day. We focus our time learning how to make you both look your very best and in creating flattering but also natural and candid posing. Wouldn’t you agree that it is important for your photographer to know how to make the two of you look good, while also creating a candid moment? We believe that is vital to a great engagement session. As soon as you arrive at your engagement session you no longer need to stress. We take over all the hard work. Your only job is the effort prior to the engagement session. To help you prepare, here are the 3 essential engagement session tips that you haven’t heard yet.

1. Selecting a Location

Choosing a location for your engagement session is important. It’s the place where we will capture the two of you and your story. No worries though, we will be there to help guide you in your thought process when choosing the perfect location.

Something that will help you decide on your location is to envision the kind of place where you can imagine your engagement session taking place. What environment is it that fits both of your personalities, your story, and your relationship? Maybe you both love the outdoors and hiking in the mountains. If that was a part of your story, then an engagement session showcasing the two in the mountains of Utah would be the perfect fit.

When we are considering a location for your engagement session experience we also will need to be aware of the season that it will take place. The season will not only affect where we are able to go, but will also play a part in your outfit selection.

Couple dressed up in flowing dress and suit in a meadow for engagements | Jessie and Dallin Photography

2. Planning Your Outfits

Now that you’ve chosen a location and know what season your engagement experience will take place, we can start thinking about the fun stuff – shopping and outfit selections!

If your session is taking place in the winter we wouldn’t recommend wearing the same thing that you would wear during a summer engagement session. During the winter in Utah you probably wouldn’t want to wear a short sleeveless dress… unless you are immune to the freezing cold!! Maybe instead during a winter session you would wear a jacket and scarf with a longer dress and boots. Also, if that winter session was in a forested area you may choose to wear ankle booties rather than open toe shoes.

We know that even though planning outfits is a lot of fun for most people, it can get stressful. To help with that all of our brides and grooms receive an engagement session style and tips guide filled with advice and examples to make your decision process easy.

Our best advice is that you can never over-dress for an engagement session experience, and also to think about outfit coordination rather than outfit matching. To learn more about outfit coordination, click to read this blog post.

Couple dressed up for sunset Antelope Island Engagement session | Jessie and Dallin Photography

3. Should I Hire a Hair and Makeup Artist?

Do you hate hair flyaways? We feel your pain because we do too! The best way to avoid that problem is to hire a professional hair and makeup artist for your engagement session! Many brides don’t initially consider hiring a hair and makeup professional for their engagement session, but only for their wedding day. After they see the difference it can make, the majority change their opinion. A good hair and makeup artist will make you look flawless in your photographs, which is one step to helping you fall in love with your photos. Then, just make sure you follow our other essential tips and to make sure you hire the right photographers to capture your personalities and story.


If you are ready for an engagement session experience that will make you fall in love with your photographs, we’d love to chat with you! These three engagement session tips are some of the best advice you can find for planning your engagement session, and we can’t wait to capture it for you. Click here to talk with us about your big day!

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