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Rosie | 9 Months Old | Utah Family Photographers

Rosie has her priorities straight and knows what life is all about! #motolife

Dallin and I have started using DIY Photography Studio from time to time for doing little kids photography. We love how helpful the owner Scott is with getting the lighting and equipment set up for us. When we arrived it took a minute to get everything settled and Rosie was a champ about it the whole time. Her parents were pros at getting her to laugh and smile, so the classic “adorable, smiley” pictures turned out perfect, but our personal favorites are the photos where Rosie showed a little bit of her spunky personality. You can’t help but laugh when you see her attitude shining through. Also, can you believe that that fantastic bow that matches her Fox Racing outfit? Her mom made that outfit herself, which is awesome! Sewing is one talent that I do not have and I envy! One of our favorite moments came when Rosie’s Dad was holding her in his motocross gear and she turned her face towards the front of his helmet and began trying to eat it! Honestly though, she was wonderful and her parents were a dream to work with.

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