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Tiffany & Brent | Snowbasin | Utah Wedding Photographers

Tiffany and Brent love the outdoors, hunting and the NFL! Click see more to see their pictures and to find out what teams they root for (they are a divided household!).

Tiffany and Brent are such a fun couple. They love hunting, the outdoors and sports, especially the NFL. They will be a divided household rooting for the Saints and the Raiders! That my friends, is true love. They have an adorable one year old hunting dog named “Hunter” (very appropriate!). Brent’s dream job is to work for DWR and Tiffany is going to school for construction management.

Snowbasin was gorgeous and SO green. Add snow capped mountains and you’ve got the perfect backdrop. We love when Utah is green, and honestly we wish it was green ALL year long. That’s the dream!

Brent and Tiffany are getting married in September and we are so excited to shoot for them!

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