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10 “Must Do” At Home Date Night Ideas

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It has happened to all of us at one point or another… you are at home with your significant other and even though you are in the same room, all of your attention is focused on the bright screen coming from your phone. Maybe you are scrolling posts on social media, you’re watching hilarious videos, or maybe you’re burning time by trying to beat the next level on your favorite game. The next time you find yourself in this position and you don’t know what to do for your night at home, try out one of these at home date night ideas! Doing something fun together strengthens your friendship and your relationship, and that’s our ultimate goal.

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1. Retro Gaming

If you have an old gaming system break it out and dust it off. You are going to have to first look and see if you can find a two player game that you both can play together. Some of our favorites are Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, NBA 2K, or even classics like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Gaming not normally your thing? Check out Retro Games online to find some serious nostalgia! Oregon Trail anyone??

At Home Date Night Ideas | Jessie and Dallin Photography

2. A Campout Date Night

Break out whatever style of tent you own and head out onto the grass in your backyard. The season when you do this will determine the level of adventure that you undertake! Bring along a tablet and cuddle up next to each other to watch a few episodes of the Office while you are lit by the warm light of your lantern (or cell phone if you prefer!)

3. Mountain Dew Pong

We can’t share this idea and not give a huge shout-out to JD Couple Megan and Tyler who inspired us with this gem! Find yourself 10 cups and arrange them at the base of your table and fill them up to a desired level with Mountain Dew (or other drink). You each take turns bouncing a ping-pong ball trying to land it into one of the cups. When one of you hits your target, your opponent takes that same cup and drinks the contents. Hit the most cups and you are the victor! Winner gets out of the day’s chores, while the loser cleans up the house!

4. Blanket Fort and a Movie

Does this sound familiar? Do you remember doing this as a kid? Go into your linen closet, and pull out the largest blankets you have! You can stretch them to hang along the sides of a table or even drape them over kitchen chairs. Don’t forget the heavy weights (GIANT books for us!) to weigh them down and keep them from sliding off!

Once you’ve got your fort setup and solid, then it’s time to find your entertainment. Choose a movie that you two haven’t seen in a while, but that you remember enjoying! Lastly, don’t forget the popcorn!

At Home Date Night Ideas | Jessie and Dallin Photography

5. Creating Art!

Grab a piece of paper, the bigger the better, and take turns following these instructions. The first person will draw a small portion of a doodle or picture for 1 minute. When that minute is up, switch, and the next person continues their doodle. See what you come up with after 10 minutes!

6. Top Chef at Home Date Night

This one is tricky, but also could be a total blast! Your challenge is to cook a meal together using only the ingredients you have in your house already. The TWIST is that it can’t be something that you’ve already made before!

7. Board Games + Massages

Go to your game closet and dig out one of our favorite board games. Bonus points if it is one you haven’t played in a while! Winner of the board game gets a foot massage!

8. Favorite Chapters

Walk over to your bookshelf and grab your absolute favorite book. Seriously, you can only pick ONE. Take about 15 minutes to skim through it and find your favorite chapter or favorite quotes from the book. Come back together and you will each take turns reading what you found to each other.

After completing this challenge, search for your favorite movie that is based on a book. Watch the movie together and get bonus points if you can find or make a snack that relates (butterbeer for Harry Potter!)

At Home Date Night Ideas | Jessie and Dallin Photography

9. Backyard Picnic

Grab a blanket and make some sandwiches and treats to take outside. Spread out your blanket on the grass in your backyard and have a picnic! Don’t forget to bring along a playlist of your favorite music. If it’s winter or cold outside, do the same thing in your living room! Make it an adventure and turn off all the lights and bust out some candles.

10. Plan Your Dream Trip

Scour Google, Google Earth/Maps, and Pinterest for ideas to start dreaming up your dream vacation. Make a Pinterest board so that you can save the links and photos that you find. Try going onto Google Maps and dropping down onto the streets to see views of what it is really like, and watch a few Youtube videos as well. To make it even more immersive, connect your computer up to your TV to watch everything on the big screen! After diving into your dream location, make a goal of when you both want to go on that trip!

We cannot wait to find out what you do for your at home date night! Don’t forget to share what you do on your Instagram or Facebook and tag @jessieanddallin so that we can see! If there are any other ideas you think of, we’d love to hear them so that we can share and try them out ourselves!


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