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How Should a Photographer Serve me on my Wedding Day?

Do you ever wish that you had a time machine like the Delorean on Back to the Future?  Well hopefully your photographer doesn’t wish that they did after missing a crucial shot!  Here’s how we help you prepare for your day and make sure every picture is taken that you want.



The Fun and Stress When Planning your Wedding

The search for wedding vendors can be so much fun, but also extremely stressful. You go to bridal shows, talk to friends, look at Pinterest, and plan almost daily. Not too long into the planning experience, you realize that after the wedding day, the cake, décor, and almost everything from the wedding will be gone. Even your wedding dress will be tucked away only to occasionally be taken out of storage to be looked at. The only things that will remain after your wedding day are your spouse and your photos. This thought causes you to come to the realization… you need a photographer! But maybe you’ve never had to choose a photographer before… how will you decide?!?! Here are a few things to think about before you hire someone on your special day.


How should a Photographer Serve me on my Wedding Day?

First of all, a professional photographer should be dedicated to serve you on your wedding day in any way possible, sometimes for more than just taking your photos. Think of a mini wedding planner… not necessarily as prepared and awesome as Jennifer Lopez is on the movie the Wedding Planner (don’t expect us to have a MacGyver belt of emergency supplies such as crazy glue, breath mints, and sedatives). When you’re talking to photographers, a very important question to consider is “how are you going to support and prepare me for my wedding?” Are they going to help you plan a schedule to make sure there is plenty of time throughout the day to take the pictures you want? Can they give you suggestions for when to do certain things (cake cutting, ceremony, etc) so that everything flows smoothly? 


How Should a Photographer Prepare for your Wedding Day?

Anybody with a computer or smartphone knows that technology isn’t always completely reliable. On a wedding day, the last thing you’d want to happen is a photographer to suddenly look at their camera, fidget with their lens or SD cards because of an error while you are giving your first kiss to your pronounced husband or wife… and miss that once in a lifetime shot. There is no rewinding after that. It’s happened already. Marty and Doc (as far as we know anyway) haven’t invented a time machine yet to go back and try it again. You need to make sure your photographer is prepared! What will they do when their camera decides to not work? Will they make sure they get that important shot to you?

After mentioning these things, you may be asking “Ok cool!… so… what do you do to prepare me for my wedding day?” We thought that you’d never ask! (Bet you weren’t expecting that!) Here are a few things that we as photographers do to make sure that we can serve our clients on their wedding day.


How Jessie and Dallin prepare you for your day

We do whatever we can to meet with clients before the wedding date. Ideally, we’d like to meet with a couple at least 4 months in advance or before any real planning has happened and been solidified. During this visit, we’d make sure that there is time during the day and the right time of day to get the photos that you want. We’d plan times for the ceremony, reception, and even the time you are getting ready so that the photos can have the best light possible. We’d also discuss possible places that you’d want to have photos around the venue and if possible, go to the venue beforehand to see where shadows are and plan out when and where to do photos. 


How Jessie and Dallin Prepare themselves for your day

Now you may say, “Great!… But what about you guys? How do you prepare yourselves?” Well, let us tell you! One of the things that attracts many clients to us is that we have two photographers. This means having two cameras taking pictures during the entire wedding. We each will take pictures of the same event, but with different angles and different zoom. We have had a time or two over the years when one of our cameras decided not to work for a few moments. But because we always have two photographers, the “must-get” pictures are always taken. We understand how important these pictures are for you. We make sure we bring three times extra batteries for each camera, way more SD cards than needed. We’ve heard horror stories of people losing their entire wedding because an SD card becomes corrupt… this happens! But, it is very unlikely to happen to us because we use the “Copy-To” function on our cameras. This allows us to have a back-up copy of all the photos we take on a separate SD card. So, if one gets corrupted, we still have a copy on another card. The possibility of two SD cards being corrupted is so low that it’s almost guaranteed that this will never happen to us.


Photographs are an Investment

We understand that getting photos can be a major investment. Not only that, but everything that happens in life is only a moment. If a photographer is not prepared and doesn’t plan ahead with their client, then there is room for failure of capturing these moments in history. We commit ourselves to serve and prepare you as much as possible to make your day enjoyable and memorable by making sure we deliver high quality photos that can be shared for generations. Want to chat some more?! Contact us! We’d love to talk to you about your wedding and plan with you to make your day perfect.

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