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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer Part 1

What on Earth is a moody photographer?  Is it one that snaps at you when you don’t do what they want? Is a bright photographer someone who is really smart and can take pictures?  Read here to find out!



What Does Having “Good Photos” Mean?

Whenever we meet new potential clients, one of the first questions we ask is “are you looking for something specific in your photos?”  The answer most of the time we get to this is “I just want good pictures!” To which we completely agree!  This should be very important to you.  But what does “good” mean?  This can change from person to person depending on what style they like.  Currently there are two big trends in photography, moody and bright.

What is the Difference Between Moody and Bright Photography?

The first of the two major styles is referred to as moody.  This style is meant to mimic vintage film photography.  If you think of photos from the 1960s, or if you look at black and white photos from the 1800s that have later been colored, you can picture what this style looks like.  The colors are a bit more muted and shadows are increased to give a distinct darker, moodier (hence the name), and elegant feel to them.  Greens look a lot more grey than green, and there is almost an imposed vintage mood and feel on the photos. This way of editing can give photos a dramatic and dark look that brings out textures while subduing colors.  Many people like this style of photography due to the mood and vintage look of the photos.  If you love vintage, this is the style for you.

The second popular style is known as bright. The name of this style comes from editing photos by brightening and increasing the exposure of the picture.  Colors will look true to form and will remain vibrant.  Another term many photographers use when talking about bright photography is “dreamy and creamy” due to the brightness white and light colors in photos.  You will also find it difficult to see blue skies with this photography as the sky will be completely white or “blown out” to give the “dreamy and creamy” look.  This form of photography also creates more of a journalistic feel, which means that they will look very similar (but a bit brighter) to what you remember seeing on your wedding day.

Why is it Important to Have Consistency in Photos?

Something that is very important to us is that we have consistency in our pictures.  This means that we stick to only one style and use it in each shoot so that our future clients will have confidence in what their pictures will look like.  Our style is very much the bright style.  This really has nothing against moody style photographers.  Moody photographers are very talented and can do some pretty awesome stuff.  You may be thinking… but your business name is Capturing History Photography!  Don’t you want your pictures to look vintage??!?! Which is a very good question!  What we believe, is that each moment of a wedding, or even life, will be history the very next day.  We strive to capture each moment as you remember it, so that on your 50th wedding anniversary, your great-grandchildren can look at your pictures and feel as if they were there.  In order to capture this, we stick to a style that keeps colors similar to the way they were, so you can remember every detail about that day.

So what does having “good” pictures mean? To us, it means pictures that are as close as possible to what you envision your wedding photos should look like.  It means being able to look at a picture and feel like you are back in that moment and feel exactly the same emotions that you felt.  Do you want a moody or bright feel to your photos?  Take a look at our style.  Does it fit what you want your photos to look like?  If so, contact us!  We’d love to sit down and chat about your wedding day!

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